October 3, 2010

The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry

Last year I decided to write a poetry book with my little girl – it was halloween themed and unfortunatly did not survive the half term holiday! She gave me poem ideas and I wrote the poems and then drew pictures on folded card which we stapled together.

Folded blank spoogy book

I drew the pictures with felt tip and went for a child like style.

Mummy eating cherry pie Pumpkins and bats Ghosts Spoogy writing Skeleton Spoogy rat hat more little black cat A little black cat Spoogy Spoogy book cat under the bed Back of the book

You can see the poems here I am hoping to produce it as an actual book to buy etc… for news on that go to Orange Monster which is my illustration and childrens books blog. This year I did something else for her using the same book concept :)

June 13, 2010

GlosWhatsOn – Thankyou

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Via twitter we found a great local site to us called GlosWhatsOn – they are basically a directory for stuff that is going on in our county and they have been so useful to us with Arts and Crafts (and keeping small children entertained during the holidays!).  They cover many other things too, like sports and business and if you are in the Gloucestershire area (UK) or the Cotswolds I would suggest you give it a look.

I’ve found so many new craft activities, especially childrens’, since discovering the site.  But more than that I found out about the Wychwood Festival and from there managed to get on the team for festival crafts!  This has opened a whole new area of possibilities to me – I hadn’t really considered the craft workshop angle before (other than running kids crafts at the village feast, school and of course Scout camps etc…).

I’m just really happy I’ve found them and that not only can I find out about events on there but I can get my events on there so people can see them and come along.  It is also free which is always good :)

Anyway I just basically wanted to say thankyou to them :)

p.s. They are also on twitter.

May 16, 2010

The Periodical Periodicals

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The Periodical Periodicals

I have been working for years now on a series of children’s books that explain the elements – the Periodical Periodicals and these are some of the character designs I have been coming up with :)

If you want to see a bigger version of the image just click on it.

May 9, 2010


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This picture does need some sorting out but I think it is a good basis to start from. I love drawing, painting/making seascapes and ones with mermaids in are exactly what my little girl wants :)

If you want to sea a bigger version just click on it.

March 14, 2010

Percy The Pebble

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Percy the Pebble is a character I made up before my little girl was even thought about :)

Percy the Pebble

This is me brain storming for one of the stories I have written about him and his adventures – in this one he befriends a baby pebble who turns out to be seed!

Anyway if you want to see a bigger version just click on the image.

February 7, 2010

Valentines Gift from a Three Year old

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Foot print pic for mummy

This framed picture of her foot print was my little girls valentines presant to me and my husband. It is framed with cardboard and has a parcel ribbon (the stuff made out of a sort of papiery plastic) as a loop on the back so you can hang it up :)

January 31, 2010

Making VisPo

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Richard making VisPo

The making of Visual Poetry (VisPo) or Concrete Poetry as it is also know is a contentious subject but it is a fun activity and I like making cards out of it to send to people.

Here is a picture of my friend cutting up magizines in a coffee shop to stick onto card and things to construct his poem. I took along, card, card blanks, pritt stick, foam letters, letter stickers, magazines and scissors.

This also works well as a childrens’ workshop. You can cut out images and words or just letters to make up the words etc… It has endless scope.

January 17, 2010


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Bindeez Ice-cream

My little girl got this Bindeez kit for christmas, they are similar to hama beads except that they are little coloured balls that sit in depressions on the formers instead of beads sitting on pegs and they dissolve in water so no hot iron is needed. This made them much more accessable to younger children like my daughter as she could build the picture up (using the little gun/pencil thing so dexterity was low priority – meaning little toddles could do it with out sending the beads everywhere!). She then used the water spray to spray them and we waited for them to set!

She went on to make a range of things with them, including a coaster for Daddy to put his drinks on at his desk!

January 10, 2010

Thankyou Notes

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The finished thankyou notes

After Christmas and birthdays and the like my husbands family expect Thankyou Cards – this was a new one on me as in my family you just say thanks to each other. None the less I struck on a good way of making thankyou notes and occupying a small child at the same time.

First off I got some sugar paper/mounting card and some poster paints and just got Jean to paint on one side of the card – I went for red and green card as these where Christmas thankyous. This worked best as a hand squishing and swerling paint excersise so was extrememly messy.

grubby puppy

Once dry I cut out the thankyous we’d written on plain white paper – they could have been printed but I like hand writing notes. I then cut them out and using little loops of cellotape stuck them to the card on the none decorated side. I then used a paper gliotine to cut out the card as a boarder to the letters. This was suprisingly effective – especially as I made sure they would all fit into the various sizes of envalopes we have!

sticking the letters on

I think this would have worked better with double sided tape and perhapse the more uniform sizing of printing the letters.

December 20, 2009

Snow Man Bag

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Snow man bag

This snowman bag was made by my little girl when she was I think one and it was done at her nursery – its one long bit of thickish paper, with a very fiberous feel too it in pink. They then with Jean’s help stenciled a snow man in white – Jean obviously added a purple streak!

Then the sheet was folded in half and the sides taped to make a bag. Metalic pink parcel ribbon was then stapled on for handles – this contianed all the presants she had made Mummy and Daddy.

It’s a lovely simple idea and perfect for younger children!

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