November 28, 2009

A Letter From Santa

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For Christmas my aunt helps santa send out letters to the children. She says it always seems sad that we expect the children to write to santa but he never writes back – so she went and badgered him and as she has secretarial training he aagreed to let her help.

letter from santa the envolope rudolfs notice to stop

The letters can be done using a standard colour printer and the sign needs a laminating machine – but it does make it water proof so it can go outside!

The envelope is a nice touch too 🙂

November 22, 2009

Letter Too Santa from a 3yr old

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Last year my little girl came home with this ‘letter to Santa’ they gave them all magazines and catalogues to cut the things out they wanted for Christmas and then they glued them to the card. This is brilliant as at three they really are too little to write stuff themselves.

A letter to santa

The down side however was that Jean announced she was getting a puppy for Christmas – she didn’t get one of course – well I think there was little toy one in her stocking but not a real eating the furniture puppy!