October 28, 2011

Halloween Play House Base

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A server box

We turned this server box into a halloween play house for our child. Any large cardboard box will do.

Alaric inside the server box tapping up the bottom flaps for extra strength

First off Al claimed inside the box and tapped up the bottom so that the house would have a floor – there where two reasons for doing this – 1) so that it would be a contained play space and 2) to give the play house more structure integrity. Also you can use tape to make a larger structure out of smaller pieces of card if you do not have a large enough box.

Cutting the windows

Using a stanly knife we cut the door and window – scoring one side of the door so that it was still attached so it could be opened and closed – similarly the window was cut so that it would be a shutter using a pre-existing whole a thumb whole to open and close them.

Windows complete with shutters

We then put tape around the edges to reinforce and to cover up the rough edges of the corrugated cardboard.


This was the base – we then made it tall enough for our child to stand up in using more card and the hot melt glue gun.

Parcel tape on rough cut edges

We then decorated the inside and out with them which will be covered in another post.

Parcel tape on edges

This play house lasted a couple of years and finally died being used in the garden as a Wendy house when I forgot to bring it in and there was a storm!

October 16, 2011

Green Monster

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I started a series of blogs called The Monster Blogs and have been making monsters of various types ever since.

Green Monster

This is the first of a group of felt monsters I plan to make – this is Green Monster – he is a Revue Monster who specialises in Horror, Fantasy and Scifi. (once I sort the server out there will be a how I make the monsters but I thought you’d all like to see the individual monsters as they get made too!)

October 9, 2011

The Sight

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The Sight drawing pencil

I am attempting to do some gothic arts and cute scary crafts for Halloween – this is my first sketch 🙂

October 2, 2011

Three Months of Knitting!

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This is my last check in I think until six months other than writing up specific projects!

I have joined a community forum thingy called ravelry it is a knitting, crotchet, weaving and spinning community and I found it by trying to find Harry Potter knitting patterns! And then it got suggested by several friends. I’m Saffy on there but spelt with a 5 instead of an S at the beginning – so 5affy.

In joining I discovered just how many things I have knitted and how many things I want to knit!

I have knitted in the last month – a rainbow snake which still needs to be sewn together and have eyes etc… added, a pastel variagated scarf which is in the unraviel pile as the baby pulled it off the needles and I muffed putting it back on etc… a red rose and LEAF! yes I managed a leaf 🙂 And more importantly I sewed the thing together. I also managed a moss stitch coral and off course worked endlessly on the Berry Bear Blanket. I also have two petals of a christmas rose knitted.

Equipement added: I now have a crotchet hook to help with dropped stitches and like a giant safety pin to put knitting on whilst you knit the piece it needs to be attached too. My mother unfortunatly took back her double ended needles :/