July 26, 2009

Knitted Poetry

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As part of the centenary of the Poetry Society they are knitting a giant poem! They are currently looking for people to knit or crochet more blank squares!

They have a facebook group too!

This looks like a fun project that combines handicrafts with writing craft 🙂

I wish I was a better knitter.

July 19, 2009

Star and Moon Ear-rings

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star and moon earrings

My mother likes earrings but does not have pierced ears so for mothers day I made her these star adn moon earrings. To do this I used:

*pink soft fimo

*white stone tectured fimo (ie it has flecks of grey and things in it)

*moon aspex cutter

*star aspex cutter

*UHU glue

*clip on earring backs

Fimo is a plastic clay that contains a solvent – this solvent can dissolve, certain plastics and ruins nail vanish if you are wearing it. For this reason I tend to use glass, wood and metal with it.

I rolled the limo out until it was about half a millimetre thick then I cut the shapes out using the spec cutters (little tiny cookie cutters), I did a large batch of different shapes and filled up a baking tray with them. For these earrings I lay the two shapes onto of each other slightly roughing up the surfaces where they over lap to help them stay together and become on shape on baking. I followed the instructions on the fimo packaging and pre heated the over and backed them for 30 an hour.

Once cooled I used the UHU glue to attach the jewellery findings ie the earring backs.