January 9, 2022

Pictures to Paint – Sunset and Sunrise

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These images are from Steeple Bay of sunrises and sunsets taking at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn, some of them are just shifts to the side or zoomed in versions of the other photos because each of us is looking for a different thing. These types of images have been specifically requested for two different projects so you are going to initially see a lot of these at the beginning of this year so I hope you all like light on water and silhouettes 🙂

Sunrise Steeple Bay

Sunrise Steeple Bay off centre

Sunrise over pond

autumn sunrise in the tree

Dawn at the fishing pond

Horison Sun at the sea

Sun peeking from beyond the strand

Light ripples in the clouds

Horizon sun and sea

Horizon sun and sea shift

January 2, 2022

Pictures to Paint – Intro

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The last few years I have found myself increasingly putting together little groups of my photos for artists to help them draw some fantasy landscape or for children to paint so I thought I’d make it official and do a little series of these picture bundles on here on this blog – a new thing for this year to get us all creating once more!

Things have personally been quiet rough for us so my hope is that in helping others to create we too will once more create and share <3

Obviously new year seems a fine time to launch such a thing and so that is exactly what we are doing!

Now there is a great photo archive on Salaric Photography which people are also welcome to look at though the quality of the photos is highly variable as the equipment we are using and of course our own experience has been getting better over the years – please credit me when you do use my stuff for inspiration you don’t really have to but it would be nice thank you 🙂

I also now have instagram – my SnellPym one is the most active but I also have a specific Salaric Craft one 🙂

Also Pinterest is still there though doesn’t seem to work on my phone at the moment so I haven’t uploaded for a while but plan to!

Writers I also share images and story starters along with general prompts to help get the old pen a writing or the fingers typing or the voice a dictating too – these can be found on my Muse Monster Blogs and World Poetry plus obviously I have an Insta Account for that too which you can find here 🙂

To get us all going here is a chain on a beach of pebbles, rusted and chunky and just waiting for a writer or artist to make into something new!

The buried links

For a higher res version of the image click on the photo – if you want to use the actual photos (rather than the art work you’ve created from it) for something please ask 🙂

Also don’t forget the blog has shifted away from ad links to a pay what you can button – so if you’ve found us helpful why not leave a tip – say a cup of coffee worths of money?

Good creating EVERYONE 🙂