June 16, 2013

Knitting in Public

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Last Saturday was knit in public day – I was still at the Cheltenham Science Festival working so I simply took my break at the knitting corner were they are knitting the mineral Perovskite as mentioned last week!

The project has grown!

The Mineral Knitting by the end of the Science Festival

I only managed one triangle in the end but I was extremely busy.

My part of the Perovskite Project

Interestingly some knitters still feel that it is inappropriate to knit in public – not entirely sure why – I tend to knit at events during my down time – if I didn’t do that I wouldn’t get very much done to be honest. Plus at home there tends to be a small child or two climbing all over me so knitting isn’t going to work very well in those conditions!

Though I did manage to get my eldest involved 🙂

Jeany attempting to crochet an atom at Cheltenham Science Festival

My hubby sadly didn’t get a chance and was a bit worried his crochet wouldn’t count anyway.

June 10, 2013

Knitting Minerals

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Knitted minerals

At the Cheltenham Science Festival I meet a lady from Surrey University who was using knitting to explain chemistry. She had balls of wool, needles and patterns so that people could take part in knitting the unit cells of minerals (the little clusters of atoms that get repeated within a crystal structure).

Chemistry and knitting

The mineral is Perovskite which is found in abundance in the mantle 🙂 She is crowd sourcing knitters and crochet nuts to help make a huge model. The pattern is very simple. It is called The Perovskite Project – go and check it out!

Also there were huge beakers which looked cool with the balls of wool sticking out 🙂

Wool in a Beaker

So yes I am adding this to my knitting projects 🙂