October 14, 2007

Stupidly Cute Bat!

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bat eyes

For this bat I used, a pair of scissors, white PVA craft glue, one small-ish black pompom about 1cm in diameter, two small googly eyes and one leaf shaped black foam shape.

bits for bat

I cut the shape for the wings out of the leaf shaped bit of black foam sheeting – I would recomend drawing out the shapes first – what I did however is I thought – umberella – sounds strange I know but it got me the correct shape. I cut out each wing seperatly then made a slite either side of the black pompom with the scissors – I did discover that the saftey scissors are a bit useless as this and resorted to using the small pair of scissors on my swiss army pen knife.

I then squidged in some glue into the slites and pushed a wing into each – I squeezed the whole closed over the end of the wing and waited a bit before letting go.

bat wings

I then left it to stand so the glue could dry. Whilst it was drying I gingerly added the eyes. I think this would have been better if I’d used a needle and some black cotton and attatched a thread to it so that it could hang up – still this was incredibly simple and i think an easy kids project – my Scout group loved the bat.

September 23, 2007

Boris the Spider

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I made Boris the blue and yellow spider back when I was a young leader at my Guide Troop. I was given lots of fuzzy pom-pom type balls in various colours and sizes, several sheets of coloured felt, some pre-cut felt shapes, scissors, and lots and lots of sticky glue – PVA or white craft glue. Then they left me to it with about ten girls.

I chose a pre-cut piece of yellow felt that I thought was a suitable shape for the legs, and then glued a 5 cm blue fluffy ball onto it as Boris’s body. I found a 5 mm beige ball which I stuck on for the nose, and then drew some eyes in pencil on some paper that I cut out and glued on. I also had to make eyes for all the guides!

I also cut out a curved piece of yellow felt for a mouth and stuck that on – this was lots of fun and very easy to do. Boris is over ten years old now, hence he looks a bit battered, especially as he came to university with me as a homework aid!

The only thing I would do differently is that I would also get lots of goggly eyes to stick on, as that would be so much easier than having to draw them and cut the tiny fiddly shapes out.

Boris is always a favourite at halloween parties too. 🙂 I feel that it would be a good craft activity to do with children for halloween, as the technique could be used to make cats, bats and pumpkins!

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