November 2, 2008

Glittery Sleigh Ride Card

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glitter slay ride

I made this card as a batch to experiment with some new stamps and inks I had been given. I think others from the batch have already appeared on this blog! I started by folding a sheet of yellow mounting card from Costco in half and in half again. I decided I wanted the card’s orientation to be portrait and then selected the stamps I was going to use.

I started with the three leafed holly stamp and pressed it into the light green ink pad and printed the two corner hollies. I then took the candy cane stamp and put that into the pinker red ink (I had two reds and two greens) and printed candy canes in the two corners. To a certain extent I think the candy canes look a bit clumsy on this design but never mind.

I then took the sledge stamp and here I ran into a problem. The stamps are foam shapes on a piece of plastic sheeting and came from the Pound Shop in Cheltenham. The inks came from The Works which is in the same set of shops. The inks were in blocks of three colours all next to each other and each ink pad wasn’t actually that big. The stamp I wanted to use was bigger than the ink pad.

Fortunately the fact that they were cheap stamps helped as they are flexable and I could sort of bend half of it into the black ink and then the other half. I then printed it in the middle at the top of the bottom third of the card.

The card then looked unbalanced so I got some glitter paint and put it underneath the sled in a sort of semi-circle to ‘shadow’ the sleigh.

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