November 23, 2008

Pom Pom Holly Christmas Card

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holly card

I made this pom-pom holly Christmas card using:

  • 3 medium red pom poms

  • 3 thin dark green pipe cleaners

  • 1 sheet of red card, slightly larger than A4

  • scissors

  • PVA white craft glue

  • 1 foam three leaf holly stamp

  • light green ink pad


Most of this came from The Works in Stroud.

holly berries and leaves

I started by gluing the three pom poms into a triangle; these were to represent the holly berries.

I then cut about a third off of the ends of three pipe cleaners. I then bent them into the holly leaves, making sure I left enough excess to twist into a tail. 

from behind 

I then turned over the berries and glued the leaves in place. This was a bit fiddly and involved having to rig up scaffolding using various boxes and rubbers I could find to stop the leaves just flopping and their ‘tails’ sticking out from the berries. I then left the whole lot to dry for several hours.

background for holly card

In the meantime I folded the red card in half and then in half again. I then took the foam stamp which I got as part of a set from the Pound Shop and pressed it into the light green ink. I had previously tried the dark green but it came out a sort of dark brown on the red card and just didn’t look anywhere as nice as the lighter green.

I then stamped a holly leaf triplet into each corner – I reloaded/repressed the stamp in the ink pad each time.

I then glued the pom pom and pipe cleaner holly onto the card.

holly card

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