June 15, 2008

Brown and Yellow Exotic Flower Card

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get well card

I made this card as a get well soon card for a neighbour who had broken their hip. I used: the picture of the flowers which I had cut out of an old calender, a sheet of brown and a sheet of yellow card, scissors and a pritt stick.

stuff for card

I had cut around the yellow exotic flowers so that they had a slight border to them that was nicely curving with now sharp corners. I then stuck it onto the brown card and cut around the shape again – this time leaving a brown border of a few mm.

cut out brown

I then stuck the resulting shape onto the yellow piece of card which I had folded in half.

stuck on yellow

I then cut around the shape for the third time, this time making sure I didn’t cut completely through the folded side so that it remained a hinged card and not two separate shapes.

opened up

I think it looks nice but isn’t really a card you can stand up as it doesn’t have a flat bottom. Also, I should have left more of the folded edge as it flops a bit too much when opened.

get well card

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