March 16, 2008

Glass Fish Mosaic

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stained glass

My husband’s aunt made this fish glass panel at a day course run by a man called Rod Friend who now lives in Spain running residential courses that I would quite like to go on at some point as I have quite a few stained glass projects up my sleeve!

First off, Barbara drew the picture she wanted with colouring pencils and then made the picture up out of random bits of glass that were cut in assorted sizes, though mostly square or rectangular in shape.

picture sketch

These were all arranged and stuck down, and then some ‘black stuff’ was put over it to hold it all together.

The panel itself is quite nice and depicts fish in the trout pond behind our house, I think. This has helped me to think that it is possible to make my own windows, which I have been wanting to do for a while now. It means you get very personal designs that actually mean something to you.

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