January 11, 2009

James’ Birthday Card

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Little Boy birthday card

My daughter was invited to a friend from pre-school’s party. It was his fourth birthday so I thought: what sort of card would he like?

I was going to get my daughter to make him something but she was playing in the garden so I decided to make it myself.

I used:

  • One piece of blue mounting card slightly bigger than A4
  • 3D dungaree trousers with rattly bits in the centre panel
  • Nursery building block sticker, slightly raised
  • 3D red car sticker
  • A black felt tip

I folded the mounting card in half and then in half again to make the card shape. I then arranged the trousers, blocks and car so they sort of zig zaged up the page.

I then took the black felt tip and in clear loopy writing wrote, “Happy Birthday James” zig zagging inbetween the 3D stickers. The card looked very unbalanced in the top right though so I decided to draw a steam train with James as the engine’s name. I then speckled the card with five point stars – each star is drawn in one fluid movement. It took me a while when I was a schoolchild to work out how to draw those stars! It’s best to do a few practices on a scrap piece of paper to get into the star drawing groove I find.

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