January 25, 2009

Tony Hart

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Tony Hart who used to have a children’s programme showing you art techniques and the like has died. I used to watch this programme religiously and feel that I should pay tribute as I’m still using some of the techniques he showed us.

The Wiggly Pets also owe their existance to the presance of two things in my childhood – Tony Hart’s character Morph and his friend, and The Trap Door animation series. I loved the concept of plasticine animation and used to sit and make things out of it for ages as a child – whole roast dinners, characters to eat the dinner, china tea sets, furniture, you name it!

When I was a teenager my dad found fimo which is the consistancy of plasticine and then I found it in different colours and I was away (as anyone who’s read the blog for a while will know!). But the route to even realising I could make things, especially characterisations came from those two programmes.

With that in mind I thought I should honour his memory with this post.

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