March 22, 2009

St Patrick’s Day Table Confetti

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red and green clover sprinkels

I mixed the green fimo clovers from the first picture with the paper die cast punched green clovers from the second as table confetti for St Patrick’s Day.

For the the paper clover I just used a paper punch but for the fimo I used green glittery fimo soft – this is a polymer clay.

I kneaded it until it was soft, though the red and green glitter fimos tend to actually be too soft! Then I rolled it into a flat sheet about 1.5mm thick. I used a wooden rolling pin – again the strongly coloured fimos tend to stain and nothing used with them should be used for food again afterwards. A glass can improvise as a rolling pin too. Fimo tends to slowly melt plastic so plastic rolling pins are useless.

I then used the two clover shaped aspec cutters I have, to cut as many little glittery clovers out as I could. Each shape was then carefully lifted and placed upon a baking tray which I put in a pre-heated oven for 30 minutes. The oven is pre-heated to 180 degrees C.

Once baked I waited for them to cool and, using a thin plastic sculpture tool, prized any clover leaves off that were stuck to the baking tray.

I know none of these clovers have four leaves and therefore are not the lucky clover that the leprechuans have, but it makes the table nice and green.

The red hearts are fimo too – red glitter and rolled and cut with an aspec cutter in the same way. The aspec cutters I got from Almond Art.

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