May 4, 2009

Shark Fin For the Shark Infested Custard

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For our Cub pack we made up a large Shark Infested Puzzle Solving Game but of corse that means we needed some sharks so we set about making some!

Al with his pride and joy


corrigated cardboard – an old cardboard box will do nicely!

Sturdy scissors or a stanly knife


Black Sack, paint or paper – if using paper you will need glue as well

shark fin

Cut out the fin shape – this is two curves making up a sort of curvy tapering triangle shape – think rose thorn. Then bend the bottom inch or around 2.5 cm of the fins base up to create a ridge for sticking it too the base. If you are having trouble folding the cardboard then use a metal ruler and a knife to score but not cut all the way through, this will make the cardboard easier to fold.


Cut a rectangle to fit the fin – this will be the base and as such you can scale the shark fins to what ever size you want though bigger fins will need thicker card and smaller fins thiner card.

attatching the fin to the base

Tape the fin to the base.

with bright green gaffer tape

tape to make it stand up

one fin on base its thin

bin bag

Cut a black bin liner up into panels you can wrap around and tap to the fin.

wripping the cellotape

We used clear cellotape for this and thick green packing tape for the structure of the fin.

wrapping it around

forming to the fin tearing the cellotape the base needs covering too you know

And you have a shark fin ready to play! If you paint and vanish it or use a glue to attack the bag then the fin becomes waterproof too! (well to a certain level!)

Al with his pride and joy

Here it is at the village hall awaiting the fin fun!

serious health and saftey issue

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