January 24, 2010

Ruby Wedding Aniversary Card

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Writing in gel glitter and purple crystals

This is not one of my greatest cards ever but I thought I’d share it with you anyway – I made it for my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary. The theme was Ruby so I picked out reds or as close as I could. The card blank came from a kit I picked up in the Pound Shop.

bits for card

I used:

One white, square card blank
Metallic paint pens
A small square of red card
3D white fabric heart
Purple crystal/gem stickers (I didn’t have any red)

Red square attatched

I started off by sticking the red square in the upper right hand corner of the card, leaving a nice boarder of white.

white fluffy heart in red square

I then stuck on the heart, in the corner of the red square.


I then added the writing in with the paint pen which unfortunatly was a bit glooper than I was expecting. I then constructed letters out of the gems for the last part.

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