June 28, 2009

Box Mask From Logain’s Run

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For my husbands 30th of birthday we decided on a Logains Run theme – the film has the death age fixed at 30 (the book at 21) so we made lots of things including hand crystals out of LEDs etc… I decided I wanted to be the robot/cyborge Box but more in lines with the one in the book – this wasn’t as easy to do as I would have liked so I ended up creating a fusion out fit. This is how I made the head/mask.

balloon former

I used a balloon as a former for paper mâché – this was pieces of newspaper shredded and dipped in a solution of watered down PVA/white craft glue. I put Vaseline on the balloon first to make it easier to remove once dry ie it stops the balloon actually sticking to the paper mâché.

off of the balloon

I did 5 layers of paper mâché and used a piece of card taped on for the nose. To keep track of layer I use grey/white newspaper and the pink newspaper (Financial Times) but you can just wait for each layer to be dry before you start the next – I only ever do 3 wet layers at a time as thicker than that can lead to buckling of the structure when drying issues with drying.

draw on eyes

I then drew the shaped of the eyes and used a stanly knife to cut the shapes out.

Side profile

Jean then decided to try it on and we reasoned it was good to go and I covered it in a layer of silver paper – I think of this as a neat coat of paper mâché but it can also be called decoupage.

Jean in the mask

Once dry I painted it with a layer of more concentrated PVA to give it a nice strong top layer.

It was then time for some finishing touches – I wanted metal springs for the eye brows and hair so I got some metal wire and popped it on my wire twister. I did close even springs for the eyebrows and loose slightly larger and messy springs for the hair. The wire twister is easy to use but you can do the same thing using a rode or pencil even.

Twisting the wire wire working equipment spring made working wire double twizzel wire hair finished

The Mouth was also a coil of wire but I put the already coiled up wire wire back onto the wire twister to give it a second coiling.

coil mouth made

I then used a bradle to punch holes into the mask where I wanted the coils/springs/wire to be attached and taped them on the inside to make sure there were no spikes ends to catch myself on.

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