April 13, 2008

Flower and Maths 21st Birthday Card

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21 and two little flowers

I made this card for my cousin’s 21st birthday. I used a sheet of blue card with pink textured smudges on it that I got in a pack from Costco. The sheet was slightly larger than A4. Additionally I used yellow, green and iridescent glitter 3D paint pens, also from Costco.

First of all I folded the card in four to make it a suitable size, then using the yellow pen I wrote the equals sign and 21 to show that she was now 21. The paint pens work a bit like icing a cake, so I had to hold the nib of the pen just above the surface of the paper rather than having it touching. The 2 came out a bit too gloopy and the danger with this is that I found the surface tension of the paint makes it sort of suck paint back into itself so that the paint in thin lines gets sucked into big blobs at the end of a line.

equals 21

I then added two yellow spots nearer the bottom of the card as the centres of two flowers. I then took the iridescent glitter pen and added the flowers petals, trying to make sure they didn’t touch each other, nor the yellow flower centres.


Then I used the green pen to add on the stems of the flowers. I did the leaf separately to avoid it sucking in all the paint from the stems, and I think this worked quite well.

21 and two little flowers

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