May 24, 2009

Glitter Wire Napkin Rings

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Pastal glitter napkin rings On a napkin

I made this set of six napkin rings as a wedding pesant for my cousin to go with a dinner service set, place matts and table cloth and napkins.

I used pink, blue and white irredescent glitter craft wire that I bought from the Works in Stroud – unfortunatly this chain of shops has been closing down so I got the last two packets they had so decided that I would make the napkin rings in three colours. Each packet had three coils in of wire in it – one of each colour.

The only other equipment I used was Artistic Wire’s Wire Worker – which has several sharft of didfferent diameter and cross sectional shape – ie long sticks of either plastic or metal that are either round rods or triangular prisms or square cross section. These fit into a handle that allows you to twist and wrap the wire around the shafts very easily. It also has holes in the handle so you can poke the wire through and twist it round the handle so it doesn’t slip when you initially start work.

And wire cutters.

Wire and wire working equipment

Unfortunatly the wire that I had was thicker than the bead making wire you normal use with this as I wanted the napkin rings to be sturdy. The wire would not poke through the wholes with out skimming off the glittery outer – which was actually Fabric!

Twisting around the wire former

So I had to hold the wire in place and wrap the wire around the square shaft slowely – I find you can’t really just twist the wire quickly around anything thats not round as you have to press the wire onto each flat side of the square (or triangular shaft) inorder to get the square shape. Also you have to be careful to make each twist of the wire sit net to the last on the shaft.

Once all the wire from the coil was on the shaft I eased it off – the result was a sqaure twist spring or coil.

pink glitter wire coil

I gently eased the coil into a slightly looser spring until it was the right length to wrap round into the napkin ring. I pushed the two ends of the spring together so that the coils over lapped. Making sure it was sucurely fixed I cut the ends of the wore off and bent them into the inside of the spring so there were no sharp ends sticking out.

Finished pink glitter napkin ring

I then did this with the other five coils of wire I had – I discovered that the first one I had made was a looser spring than the subsequent ones but apart from that it was easy to make them all about the same size.

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