September 30, 2007

Fireworks Card

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I found a big pack of 3D paint pens in Costco for about £7 so I have been having a lot of fun with them, seeing what effects you can get and exactly how they dry. In the pack there are 40-plus different pens, ranging from three types of glitter, metallic to neon! They are also washable so useful for children’s art projects.

The paint dries raised, hence them being called 3D paints.

I made this fireworks card as an early experiment.


First of all I got a piece of black card with little bits of silver glinting off it – again this was a Costco purchase and was an extra in a card activity pack I bought there. It is actually meant to be mounting card and so is therefore slightly larger than A4. To start with, I folded it in half along the long side of the sheet to make a nice ‘card’ shape.

Black sparkly card

I then picked a nice pastel brown colour for the wood at the base of the bonfire. You have to unscrew the nozzle of these pens and remove a little blue plastic plug; you then replace the nozzle. To draw with them you squeeze the tube and the paint comes out like runny icing. I drew the shapes of the logs – when I initially drew them they were a lot more defined – but the paint flowed together again, giving everything a slightly more chunky and organic look.


I waited for the brown to dry a bit before selecting a pastel orange for the flames of the bonfire; the brown had dried a lot darker than I had expected from the initial colour of the pen, but I thought it still looked ok.

I drew the shape of the fire with a few little offshoots and then began to fill the outline in – I only needed to draw a series of lines in the fire shape, getting smaller as the paint flowed and merged together to give a uniform appearance.

I then left it to dry.


To my horror I realised that the brown hadn’t dried a lot darker but that the paint was drying transparently and the paper, of course, was black. The same was happening to the orange, with the result that instead of a nice vibrant fire I had a big shiny patch that looked black!


However, I decided to continue as I reasoned that it was salvageable. I decided to add fireworks in the sky using the glitter pens, whilst I waited for the fire to completely dry.

Silver starBlue spiralGold sprinklestrips

I left the glitter to dry and discovered that it doesn’t dry raised, unfortunately. But I then used red, orange and yellow glitter for the fire utilising the already-transparent paint as a guide! This worked really well.


I would, however, say that the paint takes far too long to dry, rendering the pens useless for groups like Guides and Scouts, but probably fine for places where you can leave the projects to dry overnight etc…

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