February 22, 2010

The Beginning of Dino-Art

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Well I decided to go and hunt out some books that I thought would help me draw the Therizinosaurs, these are Vertebrate Palaeontology (Michael J. Benton), an ancient book called Fossil Amphibians and Reptiles (W. E. Swinton), Draw 50 Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Animals (Lee J. Ames), and Animal Anatomy for Artists (Elliot Goldfinger).

Dino Art Books

I like starting projects off by doing a simple version of it hence the kids how to draw book – however I was very sad to find that damp has come through my bedroom wall and damaged the book quiet badly but I am also lucky that it only got this book :/ I of course bought the book when I was at the Natural History Museum!

Anyway – I am now going to spend the next little while scouring these books and looking at the pictures before I even start to draw!

I have also finally found a picture of a skull and it’s from the Bristol University website which cheered me up. Purely because Bristols in easy getting to distance and not in America :/ Silly I know.

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