February 22, 2010

Struthiomimus – The Ostrich Dinosaur

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Struthiomimus with ornamentation

I picked this dinosaur to draw from the How To Draw Dinosaurs book because was the closest in there to Therizinosaurs – obviously the rib cage flares out on Therizinosaurs and stuff like that but it is somewhere to start!

Plus I’ve drawn the grand total of two dinosaurs before this both from the book! I initially bought it for my brother!

Anyway I used the construction lines in the book – got the head circle in the wrong place initially and everything and then inked in the outline. I bogged the tail and so put ornamentation on to hide it and the fact the head had gone wonky! I have no idea what sort of skin/feather/downy fur thesse creatures might have had but I like the patterning and little frill I’ve given my Struthiomimus!

Constructed sketch of dinosaur Inked in Outline Struthiomimus with ornamentation

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