March 23, 2008

Blue Little Flowers and Dots Card

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Little flowers and spots

I made this card for a friend’s birthday; as her birthday is in spring and our garden was abundant with ox-eye daisies, ordinary daisies and various flowers that I don’t know the name of (but might well have been purple and lavender daisies), I wanted to make a spring flower card.

blue card

I used a sheet of blue card with pink blurry lines running around it; I think they look like little clouds scudding across the card. I then selected a blue, lavender and white iridescent glitter pen and a 3D yellow pen.


I started off by folding the sheet of card into four to make an appropriate greeting card; I then squeezed out eight little yellow dots in roughly three columns down the card. These were to be the centres of the flowers.

Three little flowers

I then took the glitter pen and carefully added petals to one of the yellow dots. It then became apparent that I could not fit petals on all of the dots so I initially did three flowers.


I then discovered that I had to be careful not to get the petals either too near each other or the dots, as the paint sort of fused together.

little flowers

I then added another three flowers, making two columns. I felt that the two spare dots looked a bit odd so I added lots of other dots which I felt looked right.

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