February 25, 2007

Daffodil Card

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Card and Paper

I made this card to send to my relatives in Wales for sort of St. David’s Day – spring etc… as I missed sending lots of people Christmas cards this year.

I chose light blue card as the backdrop, custard yellow paper for the outer petals and orange for the central ‘bell’ of the daffodil flower. Then I picked out a bold green for the stem and leaf.

blue card

I cut the stem and ‘bell’ out freehand but after three attempts gave up and cut a square of yellow paper for the outer petals. I then folded this in half and half again so that I had a small square of yellow paper. Then I held the corner that would be the middle of the paper when opened up, and cut a leaf/lensoid shape, snipping off the paper to a curved point. When opened out you have the four petal arrangement.

Flower bits

I then arranged these on the pale blue card (which I had folded in half and then in half again). Once satisfied with the look, I glued the pieces on using Pritt Stick.

Daffodil card

I think this would also work as a mother’s day card or an Easter card! I was not too happy with the result though, and feel that perhaps I should have been more patient and drawn the shapes out first before cutting.

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