December 10, 2006

The Beginning

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Hopefully this blog will act as a repository for all the art and craft and any other crazy projects we get up to. I hope too that the documented projects which will also have photos attached will be a good resource for other people.

I am still learning mainly new techniques and styles; my favourites though are probably my polymer clay projects and our metalwork projects. I probably paint more than anything at the moment but promise not to bore you all too much with that!

By training I am a scientist and not an artist and I feel this definitely comes through in my work – hopefully in a good way!

I have found myself at several points in my life organising craft activities for children or adolescents. I am currently in one of these positions with our local Beavers, Cubs and Scouts, so there will probably be lots of childrens’ projects on here too. This section I feel will only grow as I have a small baby/toddler who already scribbles with crayons and will no doubt be a continual source of inspiration!

I will also cross link to my mother’s sewing blog from time to time and maybe a few other sites to build this blog into a valuable resource for anyone interested in art and handicrafts.

Ps my spelling etc… isn’t too crash hot but I feel that the site should have a high standard so please let me know of anything too glaring. 🙂

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