January 15, 2012

Knitting New Year Challenges

Filed under: Knitting and Crochet — sarah @ 9:26 pm

I want to continue knitting scarfs in the different stitches in The Knitter’s Handbook.

I want to continue knitting toys for the baby and Jean – I have a How To Knit Toys Book I shall be working my way through – I want to do a knitted alphabet but need to be able to do a lot more than I can currently!

I want to learn to knit all the creatures (that are knits) in 75 Birds, Butterflies and Beautiful Beasties to Knit and Crochet.

Carry on with Berry Bear Blanket maybe even start knitting the bears.

Be able to knit my muse monsters either as stand alone toys or on items of clothing.

I would love to be knitting all our socks by the end of the year!

Harry Potter knits of various sorts.

Go through and sort all the knitting coolness I got for Christmas and my birthday.

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