October 24, 2015

Felt Muse Monsters

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Muse Monster bits

I’ve been making some felt muse monsters to go with my writing game – I started by cutting up sheet felt – they come in packs where the sheets are about a4 paper size – I cut these into quarters for the monster bodies. Then I cut black squares for the mouths, white egg shapes for the eyes and I had some little black discs or circles of felt. I cut zig zag strips for the teeth.

muse monster and bits unsown

I laid it all out to see that it all fitted and worked well – the felt for the eyes I cut into regular same sized rectangles first so the eggs would be more uniform. I then stuck it all together with some fabric glue starting with the teeth on the black mouth squares and the pupils on the eye eggs. Then once those where dry I stuck them to the monsters bodies 🙂

sewn mouth and eyes for muse monster

These monsters are great for late felt play but could also be used to create halloween bunting 🙂

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