September 9, 2007

Marbled Metallic Plinth

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I made this plinth out of fimo (polymer clay) for one of our nice largish glass marbles. I was aiming for a nice marbled effect, plus I wanted it to look strangely organic and mineral-like at the same time.

black and metallic

I chose black fimo and metallic silver fimo in about equal amounts. I mixed the two colours together, making sure I folded the colours together as well as just squidging the resulting blob. This resulted in a nice marbled texture.

Squidged for marble affect

I then rolled the whole lot into a fat sausage about 1.5cm in diameter, followed by squishing one end of it onto the table, making it flare out and stabilise the structure. I then pinched out a rim from the other end, using my thumb and index finger Рthis formed itself naturally into the sort of bowl shape I had intended. Easing the whole lot off the table and signing the bottom, I baked it in a pre-heated over for half an hour at 130 degrees C. Plinth

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