May 4, 2008

Making the Skeleton of a Castle

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Me and my two year old made this castle for her nursery’s “Prince and Princesses” week. I have split how I did this into three posts called:

  • Making the skeleton of a castle
  • Making a tissue mâché castle
  • Painting a tissue mâché castle

This is how I made the ‘skeleton’ or framework of the castle:


We used one small box (about 15cm across) that electronic components had been delivered in, four loo roll innards or tubes, masking tape, scissors and wooden lolly sticks.

stuff mummy!

We cut strips of masking tape and then taped the lolly sticks around the loo roll innards but with the lolly sticks slightly proud of the top of the tube, to make the turrets of the castle. The loo roll tubes were going to be the towers. Jean helped a lot with the taping.

tape it

Once all the lolly sticks were in place I wrapped the whole thing in masking tape to get rid of all the tatty ends – which, as a two year old was helping, there were a lot of.

Jean's tower my tower

We repeated the process with the other three loo roll innards until we had four towers ready and waiting.

four towers

I then attached the towers to the corners of the box using the masking tape – this was actually quite fiddly and they still moved a bit precariously after I had fixed them to the box.

first tower attached towers in place

To try and make it more secure and because at this point I hadn’t yet thought about doing the paper mâché, I covered the entire structure in masking tape as I thought it would make a better surface to paint.

masking tape castle

I ended up with a masking tape tower.

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