March 25, 2007

Easter Egg Basket

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I made this little Easter basket for my husband’s birthday; it is made of fimo and is about 7cm in diameter. The fluffy chicks came from the Pound Shop.

chicks in the nest

Colours for twigs These are the colours I mixed for the browns to make the twigs: dark brown, yellow, orange and beige.


I then rolled a sphere of the beige to make the base of the nest with.


I then began to flatten it into a disc.


I then rolled sausages of the different brown fimos – these are the twigs! Twigs

Then I pressed them gently around the edge of the base, making sure that the first ones arched a bit in the middle, leaving ‘free space’ to allow interweaving of the twigs.Biuld it upLoopsnest

I then chose three bright fimo colours – pink, blue and yellow, for the Easter eggs to go in the nest.

Egg colours

I sliced up the colours and then arranged them so that each egg would get one piece of each colour in different orders and patterns.

tri colour

I then rolled the three colours into a sphere. I applied slightly more pressure to one end of the sphere whilst rolling it, in order to get the egg shape.


I only did three eggs in the end, as I thought it would look better when it was less crowded and with some fluffy chicks instead!

three eggs

Ta da! chicks in the nest

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