September 2, 2012

Tardis Decorations

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Door Tardis

The theme of my little girls party this year was Dr Who and to my horror I could not find anything in the the shops for theming the party 🙁 Now we had been hunting themed presents which would go out as sort of decorations – little darleks and things and I found cake toppers on line but too late. So I ended up having to make cakes and decorations myself.

For the card Tardises (Tardii?) I cut out blue rectangles of card, little squares of white paper and little trapisiums of yellow card.

Bits for making a card tardis

Using a dark blue felt tip pen I draw a line across the top and then a line going down from that cutting the rectangle in half. I then used pritt stick to glue on some of the white squares as windows and then drew the door handle, keyhole and door panels in. Using a silver metallic paint pen I then wrote Police Box on the top and stuck on the yellow card as a light.

card tardis

These came in handy all over the place! Including attatched at a piece of finger knitting I had strung across the room as a sort of bunting!

This was a great project for the kids to copy as well 🙂 Just before they all sat down to watch the new Dr Who box sets Jean had been given for her birthday (along with sonic screw drivers, Dr Who Books and an annoying talking card that says you have to cellebrate or be exterminated (she wants to know if I want her to get the card as I’ve written the words down not exactly right! I have said no but she has gone to get it anyway NOOOOOOO!))

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