November 19, 2008

Snail Shells

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Snail Shells

I made these shells with polymer clay, I specifically used fimo soft. I had a pack that had lots of colours in and was actually making other things. I was trying to mix a specific type of brown. I always start by taking the two colours, putting them next to each other and rolling them into a sausage. This time I then folded it over a couple of times, rolling it into a smooth sausage with each fold. The result is a stripy sausage. I then rolled part of it thinner and thinner until a piece breaks off – giving me a tapered conical shape.

I then gently rolled the cone to make it thinner and longer until I was happy with it. Then I twisted it slightly and gently pulled it round into a series of concentric loops that sat on top of each other coming out from the side, this gives the impression of a shell. These ones are more snail type shells but the technique can be altered slightly to get beautiful spiral shells.

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