February 17, 2013

New Camera

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New Camera!

I have a new camera thanks to birthday money from family. It is the best one I’ve ever had and was £80 reduced from £125. I had been wanting to take my photography forward slightly and was finding the old one very frustrating with it’s lack of function and optics. It was not as good as the first digital camera we had that we lost during the floods but it sustained me for 4 years of happy snapping and many an arty shot!

My photography site has been running for just over a year now and the more I look at my photos the more I see how I could improve them. It is still not one where you can remove the lenses (I don’t think anyway – I still need to read the manual).

I mainly use photography to illustrate my blogs – not least of which is this very blog. I take photos of the different stages of making things to help illustrate a point. I also like creating art within the photo itself and this has led me to be able to just go through my stock of photos for album covers and things.

The camera is also essential for the production of my Wiggly Pet stories or web-comic.

I am looking forward to playing lots with the camera 🙂

It’s 14 megapixel 18 X optical and has a bit sticking out the side to hold it which has already reduced the shake I tend to get on photos without flash and the pics it can take at low light levels is amazing 🙂

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