February 24, 2013


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I have joined a site called Pinterest after some nagging from friends who want to see my cake pops on there. It is a lovely platform for sharing inspirational images and useful tutorials. I’ve only been on their about a week but am having lots of fun posting links to my websites – it picks up photos from the blog post but links back to your site. I have also been re-pinning some of the fantastic images and useful things on there. Unlike Facebooks share facility it is easy to tack back where the image has come from and it collects together all the pins (me adding things) and repins.

The pins/repins are all catagorised into boards which you give titles too. So far I have Gaia which are about nature and the Earth, Magiks which is pretty stuff with a bit of spiritual thrown in, Body Art; which is all the tattoos and nail painting and the like, Make and Do which is craft and DIY. Lastly there is one I’ve named Food and Drink which is about food and drink and parties 🙂

My user name is 5affy (Saffy with a five instead of the S).

I was very excited to find that people had already shared some of my photos on their – mainly from this and my cooking blog 🙂

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