January 6, 2013

A New Year!

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It is a new year and I am assessing my blogs and what not and I see I haven’t been posting about my art and craft properly for a while – so some back blogging and stuff needs to happen 🙂

Apart from that I have quiet a full year planned – I am hoping to be booked for more festivals and am going to be running a Science Art Exhibition at Centre Arts in Cheltenham.

I’ve signed up with Etsy and plan to put items I’ve made plus tutorials on their 🙂

And then there are the books I want to make. I’ve been mucking around with various Print On Demand things and have three books I want to create were Art and Craft are concerned.

1) Junk Art and Upcycling

2) Salaric’s 100 Things to Make and Do

3) Fantasmagrams and Illustrations

The third one sort of already exists on my PhotoBox but is very expensive so I am hoping to get ones printed that are going to be more financially viable 🙂

Craft wise I have decided to give up on Craft Fayres I am just loosing money everytime or braking even for lots of effort. I will stick to running workshops and try out etsy 🙂

Drawing/art wise I am trying to do more illustration this year – last year I managed to finish off The Little Book of Spoogy Poetry etc… but I want to work on my comic book for my writing. Drawing projects are:

1) It’s Raining (a picture book I have half drawn)

2) What Can I See Under The Sea (most of the pictures to this are almost finished and it should have been finished years ago!)

3) Percival’s Christmas Wish which I am doing to raise money for Shelter

4) Revalation – a comic or graphic novel based on the novels I am writing, I scripted it for Scriptfrenzy a couple of years ago 🙂

5) I want to re-draw and draw more of my Inspira pictures and maybe do something with them 🙂

Knitting and yarn craft wise I am refining my up cycled ‘knitting machine’ and still knitting away – the first part of the year is going to focus on knitting molecules and then poetry for various events 🙂

Feeling very happy about all of this and I’m sure there will be random papier machie and stuff thrown in 🙂

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