January 26, 2014

Purple Ruffle Scarf

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A boa of ruffled purple

For Christmas I was given purple ribbon wool which opened up into a kind of edged netting. The scarf took three balls of the stuff! Using a crotchet hook I made a chain or dutch lace. When I was coming to the end of one ball I simply over lapped it with the beginning of the next.

elegant ruffled scarf

Tying off the end I then went back to the beginning and hooking through the loops my chain stitch had provided and did a second lot of chain stitch making it a bigger puffier ruffle!

Jean running off with mummy's newly made scarf

I made this one very long as a kind of bower type thing or you can fold it in half to make an elegant ruffly scarf. Now my only issue is stopping my 8 yr old from running off with it!

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