March 16, 2014

Knitting with Your Arms

Filed under: Knitting and Crochet — sarah @ 9:28 am

I have great big chunky needles I knit on and have taught countless numbers to knit with their fingers – something I called French Knitting whilst growing up, though other call peg dolly knitting that and I call peg dolly knitting, knitting Nancy as that was the name my Nan’s called it. My mother saw me with the HUGE needles and informed me I would be better off using my arms, I looked at her in disbelief but she assured me it was something they used to do when she was young.

So we scheduled a – we’ll try that next time you visit. In the mean time friends have been posting this amazing tutorial to my Facebook wall.

You can guess what has just added itself to my to-do list can’t you 🙂

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