January 1, 2015

New Crafty Challenges

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As I frantically knitted purses and creepers and dolls and baby cubes over Christmas and hubby worked on his tea cosy, we had a realisation – we have been working with the same stitches that we learnt 3 odd years ago within the first few months of taking up “yarn crafts” as part of our wool wedding anniversary.

I can knit purl, garter, rib and moss and he can crotchet little tubes and that is it!

All the projects we have done are just variants on these!

It’s time to expand – I tried think of a project that would help us with this. The obvious one is to just knit squares and turn them into a blanket but I currently have two blankets on the go and to be honest it just will not be neat enough and more importantly – the different types of stitches come out different sizes so the squares would not fit together nicely and it would need a backing for the more holey structures and so on.

But then I thought about what else we have been meaning to do this year – cheese making and soap making have been on the list for over a decade!

Soap making!

Yes soap making – if we make little soaps then we need flannels or as some people call them face or wash cloths. We can knit squares, maybe add edging and use and give them away with the soaps.

Perfect 🙂

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