June 10, 2007

Beaver Welly Pet

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Welly pet

Equipment used:

*Picture sheets

*Clothes pegs

*Double sided sticky tape

*Safety scissors

*Coloured pens etc… for decorating

As some people may know it is Scouting’s centenary this year and we have just had our District’s Centenary Camp celebration – I ended up in the craft tent!

These welly pets were very popular, even with the older children, some of whom were the higher end of the teenage spectrum!

The one in the photo is a beaver welly pet but we had wolf cubs as well. The Scouts and Explorer Scouts kept asking where their version was but we hadn’t anticipated interest from the older age ranges so we had none. What we did do was to get them to design their own ones instead.

What you do is put two pictures (in this case the beaver) next to each other on the computer, make sure that the images are mirror images of each other – most graphics and drawing programmes have an easily accessable function for this, along with rotate and flip!

You then print them.

At the camp, the lady running this stall initially had been given folders of lots of sheets with beavers or wolves on – we gave them to the children who coloured them in with felt-tip pens, wax crayons and colouring pencils. Then because there were a lot of kids, the adults cut the shapes out. However, when I did this in an actual beaver meeting, it was possible to supervise the children with safety scissors.

We also put strips of double sided sticky tape on the clothes pegs, on both sides of the peg, and then we attatched the cut-out beavers to it.

The kids absolutely adored this project – the specified use for these beaver pegs is to keep your wellington boots together but some of the children opted to only stick one picture onto the peg so they could use it as a clip!

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