November 26, 2008

Snow Mix Seed Bead Necklace

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snow mix

With the approach of winter I thought it would be nice to make some winter themed jewellery so I looked through my bead stocks and discovered that I had a ‘snow mix’ of seed beads from Jilly Beads. So I simply got some nylon fishing line which is transparent and strong and to me looks like the special beading thread you get. I simply cut a length that would make a necklace to go over my head without a clasp or anything – making sure I left extra for tieing up etc…

I then put a clip from the electronics bench on one end to stop the beads pouring off and threaded a fine needle on the other end, I believe it was actually a beading needle – they have thinner eyes to help them go through the middle of small beads. I then just threaded them on randomly until the thread was full. I then joined the two ends and with the needle threaded and looped the ends of the thread through the beads either side of the join so that it was nice and secure without having large horrible knots or fiddly clasps.

I then made five more and prefer to wear them all at the same time!

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