September 2, 2007

Pink Handbag Birthday Card

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For this design of card you will need:

*One sheet of purple card about A4 in size

*One rectangle of pink thick tissue paper with purple feather pattern

*One pink handbag made out of tea bag paper

*One silver rectangle of card with message on it

*One large pink gem about 1 cm

*Two slightly smaller pink gems

*Two pink gems the next size down

*Three small pink gems about 4 cm in diameter

This card was very simple to make. I took a piece of purple mounting card that is just a bit bigger than A4 and folded it in four. I then selected a pink piece of thick tissue type paper with purple feather pattern and a pink tea bag handbag.

I glued these in opposite corners and then made a corner bracket type border on the pink rectangle, using four different sized coloured gems in three different pinks and lavenders. I put a complimentary gem in the opposite corner – the smallest in size.

Then I carefully placed a silver rectangle of card with ‘Just for you’ emblazoned on it in golf leaf effect, half on and half off the pink paper. I glued this on using PVA glue, but the gems were already sticky.

All of the decorations came from the pound shop so I was highly impressed with the results. 🙂

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