October 7, 2007

Yogurt pot ghost

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This ghost was incredibly easy to make, my little two year old loves it and drags it around by its string. I used:

  • One empty minni trifle pot but a large yogurt pot would do just as well

  • One square sheet of white packing paper, this had a slight greese proof shiny quality to it, the size doesn’t really matter as long as it will cover the pot you are using – too large a piece of paper may make things a bit unwieldy. I think this paper came with some electronic components but any thin paper or material will do.

  • One black circle just a bit smaller than a two pence piece – I used a shiny black plastic sequine type thing that would normally be used in card making.

  • Two goggly eyes, I chose relatively large ones. They where also self adhesive though peeling off the backs was a bit fiddly. But you could just glue some on.

  • A pair of scissors

  • Some black string – I used a cotton yarn as I had lots of that lurking around the place.

Bits for ghost

First of all I squeezed out a spiral of PVA white craft glue onto the minni triffle pot – on the outside of the pot which was standing upside down on the table. I then placed the white paper square over it so that the centre of the paper was over the centre of the pot. I then gently pressed the sides of the paper onto the sides of the pot. I had to hold it cupped in my hand for a while to let the glue soak into the paper and hold it in place. I then glued the googly eyes and mouth onto the ghost.

Once the glue was dry I carefully poked a whole with the scissors at the top of the ghost – this was for the string which I poked through and then tied a knot in so that it would pull back through easily. That was it – really simple.

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