November 11, 2007

Green Stick Monster

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Green stick Monster

This green stick monster or alien depending on what it is doing was deseptively easy to make. I used one medium green pom pom, one green lolly stick, one large goggly eye, two green matalic leaf sequines, one white foam shape, a pair of scissors and white PVA craft glue.

Bits  of green monster

I started off by cutting a slit into the green pompom squeezing in some glue and sticking the green lolly stick into the glue filled whole. I then squeeshed the slit closed around the lolly stick and waited for the glue to dry.


I then stuck on the large goggly eye.


I then cut two slits in the green pompom either side of the eye. I then squeezed glue into the slites and poked the wide rounded ends of the green leaf sequines into the wholes as ears.


Whilst the ears were drying I took the white foam sheet and cut out a zigzag line to make the teeth – I would suggest that you draw on the shape you want before cutting though I didn’t. I then glued the teeth in place.

Green stick Monster

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