October 12, 2008

Red Devil Card

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I made this cheeky devil card for my husband as we first started going out on Halloween and sort of celebrate it as a sort of anniversary.

Bits for Devil Card

I used:

  • One shiny black card blank

  • One small red pom pom

  • Two medium goggly eyes

  • Red crepe paper

  • Red foam sheet

  • One red metallic pipe cleaner

  • White PVA craft glue

  • A pair of scissors

Devil Card

I started off by cutting out the devil’s body from the red crepe paper; I did this by folding the crepe paper in half and then cutting a sort of ‘tick’ out of it, making sure that the bottom of the ‘tick’ was flat along the fold so the two halves were still connected when I unfolded the paper.

I then glued this to the black card.

I then cut out a circle in the red foam sheet. I then cut out part of the circle to leave a crescent shape in the red foam. These were the devil’s horns. I glued them onto the black card above the body. I the stuck the goggly eyes onto the red pom pom and glued it into place as the devil’s head.

I then cut about a third off of the thin red pipe cleaner. This third I then bent so that it had a small triangle at one end, and a gentle curve along its length and glued that onto the card as the devil’s tail.

The red glittery pipe cleaner was then cut so that I had a long straight bit for the handle of the trident and a shorter piece I could bend into a curve to make the outer two prongs of the fork. I then glued these onto the card.

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