October 22, 2008

Frankenstiens Monster on a Stick

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Frankin Stiens Monster

Pom Pom Frankenstiens Monster on a stick:

Green PomPom

Lolly Stick

Black Crepe Paper

Googly Eyes

Glitter Glue

White Paper or Foam off cuts

Pipe Cleaner


PVA Glue

In the Beginning

Cut a small slit in the pompom – if it is a home made yarn/wool pompom you will not have to cut into it.

Fill the slit with a dab of PVA glue and push the lolly stick into it, hold the pompom onto the stick (with home made pompoms you may need to use a peg to hold it in place).


This is your base, now glue on the goggly eyes, cut a piece of paper or foam off cut to be the mouth and stick that on. Use glitter glue to add hair and scars.

Leave to dry.

Stick attatched!

Wrap the black crepe paper around the stick at the top and twist a pipe cleaner around the “neck” just under the pompom head to keep it in place – this is the Monsters cloak.

It can be used as a stand alone decoration or as a stick puppet with other monstrous pompom pals of your own creation.

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