October 28, 2007

Big Box of Spooky Crafts

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Big Box of Spooky Crafts

I picked up this big box of spooky craft in The Works – a discount book shop chain I have rescently discovered. I was not expecting it to be that good as a previous kit I had got from them had been a bit of a flop when I got my scouts to use it but I was pleasantly suprised by what I found upon opening it!

The pipe cleaners ranged in sizes and where strippy and glittery as where the pompom balls and foam shapes and goggly eyes. The goggly eyes also had sticky backs on them which was a huge bonus. There where also sheets of crepe paper in appropriate halloween colours namely – red, black, green, purple and yellow. There where coloured lolly sticks in black, yellow and green and four blank cards in purple, black, yellow and white, a bag of foam shapes and PVA craft glue. There were also some orange, green, black and purple metallic sequines of various types and sizes.

Having been stung by craft kits before I opened one of the kits and had a bit of a play. Happy that the kids would be able to get something good out of this I took them in for the Scouts Halloween party.

And here is what some of the kids produced:

flying cyclops

This flying cyclops was made by taking a medium sized red pompom and sticking a large goggly eye on it, the kid then took a large orange leaf shape from the foam shapes and cut out the wings which he simply glued on the top to great effect!

cute skull

for this cute skull the kid used one medium sized white pompom, one large goggly eye and one medium goggly eye, and red and white fluffy pipe pipe cleaners. First off they stuck the eyes on – the fact they are different sizes worked very well to give it a monsterous appearance. The eyes where slef adhesive so no glue was needed. He then twisted a red and white pipe cleaner together and wraped these around the pompom so that the wire in the pipe cleaner helped the skull retain its shape and the red was supposed to represent blood.


For this ghost the Scout used one washed out yogurt pot, one large white pompom, one white fluffy pipe cleaner, two googly eyes, PVA glue and a sheet of white waxy paper that I got from some packaging.

He started by covering the yogurt pot with glue and squidging the paper onto it, he then stuck the pompom on the top, stuck the eyes on and wrapped the pipe cleaner round the middle to make arms – I thought this was quiet effective.

stripy spider

For this spider they used one medium black pompom, two medium goggly eyes and two green and two black stripy pipe cleaners. They simply stuck on the eyes to the pompom and then twisted the pipe cleaners around the pompom to make the legs – I didn’t have the heart to point out that spiders have twice as many legs but one of the other kids did at which point we decided it was obviously a mutant!

frog bat combo

This cute little creator is apparently a frog bat highbred according to the Scout who made it! He used one medium sized black pompom, two small googly eyes, PVA glue and two green foam teaar drops.

He glued the two green tear drops together so that the large round parts of each where over lapping this made what is either the wings or legs – he hadnt decided which they where. He then glued the pompom on to the green sheets again at the round end and then added the eyes.

They all had great fun with this kit and there was so much in it that it helped out with their Chirstmas craft projects too 🙂

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