December 9, 2007

Pom Pom Snowman

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For the pom pom snowman I used PVA glue, two white pom poms (one slightly bigger than the other), two self-adhesive goggly eyes, two black pipe cleaners (one thin and one thick and extra fluffy), a piece of black foam sheet and some scissors.

snowman bits

First off I glued the two pom poms together to make the head and body of the snowman, then I cut a 5cm piece of the bigger fluffy-backed pipe cleaner off and wrapped it up into a tight coil to create a cylindrical shape. I then cut a circle out of the black foam and glued the spiral of pipe cleaner onto it to create a top hat. The foam circle obviously had to be slightly bigger that the pipe cleaner coil so that the hat had a brim.

I was initially going to have an orange foam carrot for the nose, but in fact I cut it out – a little orange isosceles triangle (two equally long sides and one short side – think: carrot) – and then rounded the corners off, but when I went to stick it on, it turned Mr Snowman into a chick. My two year old called it a quack-quack which I thought was conclusive evidence that the nose really wasn’t working and did indeed look far too much like a beak. So I scrapped the nose.

body form

I then cut off about a cm of the thin black pipe cleaner and shaped it into a gentle curve which I stuck on as the snowman’s mouth. I, of course, was impatient and hadn’t waited for the glue to dry so managed to knock off the hat in sticking the mouth on!


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