March 12, 2017

Cuddly Science Gallery

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Celestial Montage and Moon Memories at Llantony Sacunder Priory for Luke Gerran’s Gaia exhibition – part of the Gloucester Earth and Moon Festival. June 2019

Celestial Montage, a Leaf and Gaia

MoonMania Mega Make textiles project went out to the monthly meet up of the Steam Punks of Gloucestershire. June 2019

Stitching the Sun

MoonMania t-shirts! June 2019

Moon Mania t-shirt

Moon Meet in Cookes Coffees and Curios June 2019

Mum stitching Celestial Montage in Cookes Coffee and Curios

Moon Mania Mega Make at the Cheltenham Science Festival June 2019

Moon Mania Mega Make at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Moon Mania Mega Make meet up June 2019

Creatives Sewing Celestial Montage

MoonMania research time in the now refurbished School Room at St Mary’s Decrypt Gloucester – this is where we helped on an archaeology dig before the restoration, some of the finds are now on display. June 2019

Moon Dust book for research reading

Moon Mega Make at GroveFest charity fundraiser for the Cranham Scout Group (it was raining) June 2019

Scout Sewing MoonMania

MoonMania Mega Make cloth badge outlined for Cranham Cubs June 2019

Marking out the missions patch for Cub group to embroider

Moon Badges! May 2019

Moon Mania badges

Celestial Montage banner ready for the Moon Mania Mega Make! A community textiles project to celebrate space exploration and human achievement reflecting on the fact that we are all of us connected by our home – the Pale Blue Dot. May 2019

Large Celestial Montage Banner

Space Station designing thinking about habitats and research facilities and what you would need, junk modelling during the Gloucestershire Libraries Moon Tour April 2019.

designing a space station

Galatic Greats chatting to the Library Bears during the Gloucestershire Libraries Moon Tour April 2019

Cuddly Science Puppets and the Library Bears

Exploring black wholes using paper craft during the Moon Tour with the Libraries in Gloucestershire April 2019

Black whole

Space Station design using recycled materials part of the Moon Tour with Gloucestershire’s Libraries April 2019

Making a space station

Moon mat astronaut corner created for the Gloucestershire Libraries Tour April 2019

Moon Matt

Moon lamp, tektite and diffraction grating glasses to help explain how we investigate and find things out about planets and stars. Gloucestershire Libraries Moon Tour April 2019

Moon Lamp, diffraction grating glasses and a tektite

Asteroid belt junk model created during the Moon Tour of the Gloucestershire Libraries April 2019

asteroid belt

Space Craft supplies for MoonMania celebrations for the Apollo 50th anniversary of the moon landings including cork coasters, solar system mobiles, rocket gliders and astronaut window clings Feb 2019

space craft

Black ping pong balls to represent dark objects/black bodies that we can’t see or detect that easily with our telescopes etc… part of Cuddly Sciences planetary science workshops. Feb 2019

black ping pong balls

Terrestrial analogies for teaching lunar geology – rocks from here on Earth that can help Cuddly Science explain how the Moon formed and what sorts of minerals you are likely to find there. Feb 2019

Earth rocks similar to those found on the moon

Lunar Astrophography with Celestia our 8 inch reflector telescope Jan 2018

Moon Half - my first attempt at astrophotography

Dr Alice Kennedy of the Gloucestershire Geology Trust explain T-rex teeth shape at Country File Live. Aug 2017

Dr Alice Kennedy showing off the T-rex replicas teeth at Country File Live

The Glos Geo Trusts Dino-Dig Aug 2017

Dino sandpit dig Glos GeoTrust Country File Live

Some of the amazing fossils and reconstructions belonging to the Glo and Ox Geo Trusts that Cuddly Science helped explain to the public. Aug 2017

Fossils and reconstructions with Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire Geo Trusts

The Paleo Posse preparing to tell all about bone wars, DNA and brain evolution. Aug 2017

Cuddly Science ready to go at Country File Live

Mary Anning Puppet explain fossils Aug 2017

Mary Anning the Puppet out and about explaining fossils at Country File Live

Mary Anning the Puppet on walk about at Country File Live Aug 2017

Mary Anning the puppet looking for her pet squid in the Wildlife area of Country File Live

Cuddly Science on walk about in the Go Wild Zone Country File Live Aug 2017

Cuddly Science explaining landscape and geology at Country File Live

Mary Anning the Puppet explaining marine fossils. Aug 2017

Cuddly Science Paleo Posse on Stage at Country File Live

Paleo Posse explaining fossilised ink sacs and cephalopods. Aug 2017

Mary Anning the puppet explaining how she discovered fossilised ink sacs at Country File Live

Mary Anning the puppet on the Garden Stage at Country File Live Aug 2017

Talking rocks at Country File Live

Mary Anning talking rocks and landscape at Country File Live Aug 2017

Cuddly Science on stage talking rocks Country File live

The Gloucestershire Geology Trust T-rex came out to help tell people about Cuddly Scienc’s Paleo Posse and was nabbed to plant a tree! Country File Live Aug 2017.

Glos GeoTrust T-rex planting a tree in the wildlife zone Country File Live

Darwin Puppet on stage at Country File Live Aug 2017

Darwin Puppet explaining the bone wars and evolution at Country File Live

The Paleo Posse getting ready for Country File Live as part of the Gloucestershire Geo-Trusts geo-entertainments! Aug 2017.

Cuddly Sciences Paleo Posse getting ready for Country File Live

Introducing The Paleo Posse and their props – the puppets are practicing a special half an hour show covering the evolution of… evolution and the historical characters who paved the way and how they made their discoveries. Containing Mary Anning the Princess of Palaeontology, Charles Darwin with his Evolution Solution and Mary Leakey the lady who helped unlock the secrets of our very own evolution in Africa. July 2017.

Cuddly Sciences Paleo Puppet Posse with props!

Art work created for the Awesome Archaeology workshops – based on studies of Roman mosaics. This will also act as the base for a colouring sheet after digitalisation. July 2017.

Cuddly Science Histories

Ammonite – an ink sketch created for Cephalopod Week – 2017

Ammonite Ink Sketch

Geologist puppet playing in the sand at the Cheltenham Science Festival – June 2017

Geologist puppet is at the sand

Geologist puppet chilling behind the scenes at Cheltenham Science Festival.

Mary Leakey the puppet chilling behind the scense at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Cuddly Science Creative Brain display in the Makers Shack in conjunction with the Cheltenham Hackspace – June 2017

Creative Brain Set up Cheltenham Science Festival

Sarah and Geologist puppet explaining about landscapes at the Cheltenham Science Festival – June 2017

Sarah Snell-Pym Cuddly Science Cheltenham Science Festival

Geology puppet with the sand box projector at the Cheltenham Science Festival – June 2017

Geology Puppet showing off the sand projector

Mary Leakey the Puppet is settling in with one of her favourite reads – The Cradle of Humankind. Her specialist subjects are anthropology, palaeontology, paleoanthropolopgy. But she also doubles as a geologists and archeologist.

Mary Leakey the puppet reading one of her favourite books

Big thank you to Angie and Leonard Pym who help create the Cuddly Science puppets and welcome to Mary Leakey Puppet – May 2017

Mary Leakey the puppet with one of her creators Angie Pym

Florence Nightingale the Puppet is having an exciting read about Mr Grays Anatomy!

Florence Nightingale having a shocking read of Mr Greys Anatomy

Cuddly Science Show and Tell – the youngest member of the Cuddly Science team was very pleased when she found out she could take the puppets into school. March 2017.

AdaLovelace the puppet getting ready for school show and tell

Ada Lovelace the puppet relaxing with one of her favourite books Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett to mark respects on the anniversary of his death. The Discworld books were introduced to Sarah by her science teacher at school, the Science of the Discworld books helped maintain her interest in science and to think outside the box. Cuddly Science owes a part of their existence to the author and they teach kids science – ripples GNUTerry – March 2017

Ada Lovelace the puppet reading Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

Ada Lovelace the puppet took part it a stunning set of monologues, poems and more for International Women’s Day March 2017 with Foul is Fair Theatre.

Funny pose She Said International Womens Day crew

BRAINS!!! Knitted brains, jelly brains, papier mache brains – making props ready for exploring the evolution of the brain and how we worked it all out!

Cuddly Science Brains for Science Show Off

Celestia the new telescope – we are getting to grips with our new much higher powered telescope, once a suitable case has been built and a few more accessories are added this will be doing the rounds with some of our astronomy workshops. Jan 2017

Mary loves the telescope

Solar system banner in the window of the retail unit lent to the Gloucester Fun Palace for a community open day October 2016 – with Two Can Inclusive Theatre Company.

Cuddly Science Space Craft banner in the window for Fun Palaces

Ada Lovelace and the other Cuddly Science historical scientists had a great time talking to people at the Gloucester Fun Palace October 2016 with Two Can Inclusive Theatre Group.

Ada Lovelace at Fun Palaces Gloucester

Space-Craft Junk Modelling workshop – autumn 2016.

Cuddly Science Space Craft workshop for Fun Palaces with Two Can Theatre

Visiting Cape Towns Maker Station in South Africa including tour around the workshops and talking to the technologists, artists and crafters. Aug 2016

Maker Station cafe area

Space Craft workshop – Summer 2016

Sarah Snell-Pym Running Space Craft

Experimenting with moulds to make props for shows and talks. July 2016

Papier Mache Trilobite

Making papier mache fossils for our Finding Fossils workshop. July 2016

Papier Mache Fossils

Sarah setting up the Space Craft workshop at Cornbury music festival. July 2016

Space Craft Workshop with Cuddly Science

Space flag made at workshop. July 2016

Space Flag

Space transporter design created at a Space Craft workshop. July 2016

Transporter junk art spacecraft design

Space Craft workshop. June 2016

Sarah Snell-Pym running a Space Craft workshop with Cuddly Science

Junk art solar system model created at a Space Craft Workshop. June 2016

Junk Art orrery Space Craft Worskshop with Cuddly Science

Cuddly Science took Wychwood Music Festival by the galactic storm! – June 2016

Cuddly Science Space Craft workshop at Wychwood Music Festival

Rocket design at the Space Craft workshop. June 2016

Epic Rocket design with Cuddly Science's Space Craft workshop

Making space pictures – Space Craft workshop. June 2016

Mary making a space picture with Cuddly Science

Einstein and Brahmagupta talking Astronomy at Wychwood music Festival. June 2016

Einstein and Brahmagupta Puppets explaining space with Cuddly Science

Fabulous rocket design created during a Space Craft workshop. June 2016

Fabulous Rocket Cuddly Science

Amazing rocket design from the Space Craft workshops. June 2016

Amazing space ship and rocket designs from the kids junk modelling workshop

Epic junk modelling designs for space ships and rockets during our Space Craft workshops. June 2016

Epic space ship design

Junk modelled space vessel created during a Space Craft workshop. June 2016

Rocket! Cuddly Science

Solar System Banner at Wychwood Music Festival. June 2016

Solar System Banner at Wychwood Festival Cuddly Science

Finger puppets from the Unemployed Philosopher’s Guild have joined the Cuddly Science Crew for children to create their own science plays. May 2016

Science Finger puppets join the Cuddly Science Team

Ada Lovelace pendent making with hot melt glue – Oct 2015

Ada Lovelace pendent made with hot melt glue and fine liner

Historical scientists colouring in sun catcher experiments for workshops

Ada Lovelace drawing embedded half in hot melt glue resin

Blood Super Moon Sept 2015

Blood Red Super Moon

Tigger the Tig welder has arrived so now we can make more things for workshops and investigate more material science! July 2015

My welding setup

Ada Lovelace the puppet getting ready for her debut for grown ups only sci-comedy at Science Showoff Bristol – she is planning on giving everyone maths nightmares! – Jan 2015

Ada Lovelace the Puppet getting ready for Science ShowOff Bristol

Talking Orbits and Space Bits. Sept 2014

Talking Space Cuddly Science at the British Science Festival

Cuddly Science Puppet Show at The British Science Festival Birmingham – Photo thanks to Fiona Austen Sept 2014

Cuddly Science Puppet show

DNA Extraction Workshop – Sept 2014

Alaric extracting DNA

Chemistry Crayons! For our fact sheet colouring in at workshops.

Science crayons

Science is child’s play – encouraging children to use the puppets to explain science concepts to other children. Sept 2014

Cuddly Science Generational Teaching

Cuddly Science colouring in and fact sheets.

Cuddly Science Colouring

The Cuddly Science Puppets waiting to talk to children at the Library of Birmingham – Sept 2014

Cuddly Science awaiting at the Birmingham Library

The Cuddly Science Massive has arrived – after months of design and sewing they are ready and Ada Lovelace has been joined by four other notable personalities from the history of science, technology, engineering and medicine. Can you guess who they are! – Aug 2014

The Cuddly Science Massive

Ada Lovelace the puppet has received a new head! – April 2014

Ada Lovelace puppet head mk2

Not Just The STEM – artwork for our Ada Lovelace Day celebration – Oct 2013

The Knowledge Tree Ada Lovelace Day

OnForm Poetry Art Living Poetry Installation Oxfordshire – reading Celestial Montage June 2013

Poetry Installation

Laser cutting and drilling name tag keyrings. Jan 2013

Jean drilling her laser-cut nametag

Drilling wholes in stones experiment! Jan 2013

Drilling with the third mounting

Knitted buckminsterfullerene molecule, known as a bucky ball containing 60 carbon atoms. This is a prop for talks and workshops.

Knitted Bucky Ball

Me, Bucky Balls and All – a performance of sci-comedy at Bristol Science Showoff – July 2012

Sarah Snell-Pym Science Show Off Bristol

Higg Field cartoon drawn by us to celebrate the announcement by CERN that the Higgs Boson has been detected! Jul 2012

The Higgs Field

Wind Up Turing Machine cake made to celebrate what would have been Alan Turing’s 100th birthday! June 2012

Wind Up Turing Machine Cake

Sweet – a textural art work including knitted sugar molecule made for the Please Touch Exhibition at Centre Arts Cheltenham – June 2012.

Sweet a textural representation of Sucrose including knitted molecule and actual table sugar

Our artwork was included in the Science Online conference. March 2012


Celestial Montage a piece of art created with visuals and poetry to celebrate the wonders we’ve found in space so far, won it’s category in the European Space Agencies Create Your Space sci-art competition.

Celestial Montage ESA_space_inspiration

Experiments with sensors – Oct 2011

Quiescent: 3v

Coral of Life part of the Exhibition in Braille at Centre Arts in Cheltenham Sept – 2011. A textural 3D interactive sculpture representing the origin and evolution of life on Earth, complete with audio and hidden basal relief that can only be explored properly through touch – designed for the visually impaired.

Life Coral by Sarah Snell-Pym at Please Touch Center Arts Cheltenham

Think Pink Dinosaur drawn to raise money for breast cancer research as part of the Paleo-Art community at Art Evolved – Oct 2010

Think Pink Dinosaur

Triceratops outfit we’ve made for child dress up or for us grown ups with small heads when we are giving talks on dinosaurs! Sept 2010

Jeany Triceratops

Dino Mountain Cake

Volcano and Dinosaur Cake

Volcano cupcakes! For keeping your energy up on geowalks exploring the local landscape.

We also had volcano cupcakes! volcano cupcakes

Making Bench PSU from this old PC power supply – May 2009

An original IBM PC power supply

Encasing circuits in epoxy resin to make them water proof – March 2009

Look, it works underwater!

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