September 26, 2015

Yoda Graffiti

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Yoda Graffiti

I love this piece of graffiti or street art or what ever we are calling it these days :) I found it at Weston Super Mare.


September 19, 2015

Sand Castles!

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Tuesday we went to Weston Super Mare were they have a Sand Sculpture Festival – these are basically giant sand castles – but… oh my! They are amazing! It’s still on and is an annual events :)

Space invader sand castle building

This guy was working on a giant gamers birthday cake with lots of vintage computer game graphics on it!

The skill and craft were amazing as were some of the ideas and geometry behind the sculptures! Here are some of my pictures but really if you get a chance to go… then go! It was a couple of quid and careers go free and there were lots of student and elderly concessions etc… plus sand pits to play.

Faces in Sand

Portrait in sand 4

Portrait in sand 3

Portrait in Sand 2

portrait in Sand

Fairy Tales

Sand frog prince

Fairy Tale Wood in sand

sand castle building on a different level

The Wild Things in Sand

The thistle and the flower dancing in sand

Alice and the catapillar in sand

From our bedrooms we dream in sand

The Catipillar in Sand

Because we saw the sculptures just after the Dismaland exhibition I looked at the little sand world and all I could think was “I See No Borders”.

World of sand

Sand tent

Campsite in Sand

Sand castles on a new level

A sand castle for gamers

sand sculpture

Big Ben in Sand

Heart Birthday Bear in sand

The tea party with gorilla and friends in sand

There was loads of character work – I could of taken a lot more pictures but time and weather were running against me!

Minion in Sand

Lego and Sid and the dino egg in sand

Jungle – complete with the liberian 😉

Camelion in sand

King Kong in Sand

The jungle in sand

The ook sand castle

orangotang in sand

The Jungle Book in sand

Rainforest frog in sand

Koala and humpty in sand

The Sea – I am obsessed with seascapes so I spent alot of time looking at this lengthy sand sculpture, complete with whale and boat.

The reef in sand

Under water archeologist in sand

the reef of statues in sand

The Diver in sand

Boat on the beach in sand

Octopus comes to the party in sand

Sand fish

Don’t lick the sculptures! (He never listens)

Alaric! Don't like the sand sculptures!

The Dragon! (I took this one with the 3D camera as well and am most pleased with the result!)

Sand dragon on a bed of sand gold

Seriously love this dragon!


September 13, 2015

Red Monster Felt Cuddly

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Muse Monster in Felt

I made this for my friends little girl – it is Red Monster who is one of my story telling monsters :)

I cut the shapes out of felt – two red rectangles, a small black rectangle, two sections of jagged triangle cut white, two white ovals and two dark grey buttons for the eyes. I then sewed it all together with embroidery silk and stuffed it with hypo-allergenic stuffing.


September 6, 2015

Embroidering the Duvet Cover

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Duvet Cover Space Embroidery

I’ve decided to give embroidery a bit of a go, we bought a plan purple lining set which I am working on. The theme is space though I am not sure that is really coming across in the patterns I’ve chosen.

Pretty much my mum bought me a large embroidery hoop which I stretch the fabric in one corner of the duvet in and then using the pack of 100 embroidery silks I am just following stitching ideas I’ve found in an old how to do needle craft book.

It is going to take me a while and I am doing one week of embroidery and one week of it being on the bed and of course I am having tones of embroidery ideas whilst making it!

Space embroidery Ultra close up of duvet cover embroidery Close up of Duvet cover embroidery


March 2, 2015

Knitted Wash Cloth

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I really like these ones :) And I thought this tutorial I found on Youtube could be helpful for others :)


January 31, 2015

Double Crochet Flannel

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double crochet flannel

This is my first attempt at crochet – I think it is double with single around the edge. It is a start – I have a long way to go and I find crochet really hard :(

It also took like a whole month to make this :/


January 25, 2015

Puff Flower Tutorial

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Found this lovely vid tutorial for crotchet flowers on Youtube.


January 18, 2015

The Maps of The Imagination

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The Maps of Imagination

I was once upon a time a geologist and have mapping pens still kicking around, I also have lots of old maps of various sorts (some are the sort you frame most aren’t), and I was poodling around on Pinterest and saw some fun map projects and there some little creatures I had been meaning to draw for a while.

So I have started work on a series call The Maps of The Imagination which are going to be for sale at The True Believers Comic Festival. Pretty much there is only going to be the actual drawings rather than any books.

This is a photo – I need to get around to scanning at some point :)

This is also only the beginning of the map projects :)


January 8, 2015

Learning to Knit a Dishcloth

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I found this tutorial on Youtube – there will be a few more of these as well :)


January 1, 2015

New Crafty Challenges

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As I frantically knitted purses and creepers and dolls and baby cubes over Christmas and hubby worked on his tea cosy, we had a realisation – we have been working with the same stitches that we learnt 3 odd years ago within the first few months of taking up “yarn crafts” as part of our wool wedding anniversary.

I can knit purl, garter, rib and moss and he can crotchet little tubes and that is it!

All the projects we have done are just variants on these!

It’s time to expand – I tried think of a project that would help us with this. The obvious one is to just knit squares and turn them into a blanket but I currently have two blankets on the go and to be honest it just will not be neat enough and more importantly – the different types of stitches come out different sizes so the squares would not fit together nicely and it would need a backing for the more holey structures and so on.

But then I thought about what else we have been meaning to do this year – cheese making and soap making have been on the list for over a decade!

Soap making!

Yes soap making – if we make little soaps then we need flannels or as some people call them face or wash cloths. We can knit squares, maybe add edging and use and give them away with the soaps.

Perfect :)

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